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Medeli DP250 RB Dijital Piyano (Mat Beyaz)

DP250 is a new 64 note polyphony digital piano that features 88 touch-sensitive, hammer action keybed, that provides realistic touch at an incredible price.  It comes with 26 beautiful voices, 2 headphone jacks and stereo / mono line outputs, perfect for you to play at home or in a live set.

Specifications :

  • Keyboard 88 hammer action
  • Polyphony 128 (max)
  • Voices 26 voices
  • Split YES
  • Demo Song 1; 26 voice demo
  • Dimensions LWH 1380 x 494 x 849 mm
  • Weight 42 kgs

Piyano taburesi dahildir …

Fiyatı: 11,970.09 TL


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